Machiavelli&Freud. How to win votes and build political power

There are few things that are more bitter to a candidate and his staff than an unexpected defeat. Have you seen the devastation at the party’s headquarters the night of the defeat? Have you heard (yes: heard) those moments of silence? Have you heard those voices, have you seen that faces?

It’s just that, no matter how hard it looks, there’s always hope beating between the candidate and his staff. Always. That intimate trust in the voter. That feeling that in the last minute, they will vote for you. That’s why the defeat hurts so much. It hurts in your soul. It hurts in your body. It bites you from the inside.

And the questions multiply. What happened? Why did the voter choose another candidate? How did he make that decision? What mental process made him choose that candidate? And there will always be one doubt: was it possible to do something different in the campaign? Something that would provoke a different reaction in th voters?

How many votes do you lose for not knowing how the voter’s brain works?
The voter’s brain is like a dark labyrinth.
Yes, a labyrinth. And a dark one.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be in a labyrinth? Paths that come and go, crossing eacho other, leading nowhere. And if a labyrinth is hard, a dark one is even harder. What do you need to find your way out? You desperately need 2 things:

  • Sings that indicate the way
  • Light to see those signs

In a dark labyrinth you trip, you walk blindly without finding your way, without knowing where you are, without even knowing if you are moving forwards or backwards. You are lost. But if in that same labyrinth someone puts a few neon signs indicating the way out, then you quickly get to the exit.

That’s how the voter’s brain work. Like a dark labyrinth. With the voter coming and going without knowing where to go or what to do. Wandering in the middle of the dark. Until an election campaign turns on, right there, inside the dark labyrinth of the brain, the neon signs that mark the way. The way to the exit door. That is, to vote for a specific candidate.

But, how can you do that?

Maquiavelli&Freud. Political psychology and election campaigns  

Machiavelli&Freud is a system that allows you to understand how the voter’s brain works. It’s system, a structure, a conceptual and operative architecture based on the scientific knowledge of political psychology, the contribution of other social sciences and the practical experience of hundreds of election campaigns.

This system shows you what signs you need to turn on in the voter’s brain to get his vote. And it explains how to do it, step by step.

Clearing up the doubts in the election cmpaign

It very common in every election campaign: everyone has an opinion. Everyone has their vision, their strategy, their solution. Each one according to his experience and knowledge. So thecampaign team is pulled from every direction.

How can you know if you are going the right way? Even better: how can you build that way? That’s when conflicts, contradictions, hesitation and confusion appears. The insecurity. The suspicion that the result would be better if we had a set of basic directions that shapes the campaign and structures the electoral communication.

With Machiavelli&Freud you will have better results
Because you will have a method to develop you election campaign.
To communicate with the voter in a much more effective way.
A method to persuade, to convince, to win the vote.

What is the content of Machiavelli&Freud?

Here’s a quick summary of what you will find in Machiavelli&Freud:

  • The voter’s brain is a dark labyrinth. How many times have you asked yourself how the voter thinks? Why doesn’t he vote for you? Why does he vote for you? How can you convince him? Machiavelli&Freud is a tool that allows you to turn on the light in that dark labyrinth and mark the way to the vote.
  • A method to develop effective election campaigns. A simple method. Detailed and very practical. A step by step guide of each and every single neon sign that a campaign should turn on in the voter’s brain. A precise and organized system.
  • How to decide our Target. Who are we communicating with. Psychosocial groups. The segmentation of the electoral market. Values and life styles. Why the campaign has to be a custom-made suit to certain segments of society. And if it’s not custom-made, it will fail.
  • How and when to propose solutions to the voter’s problems. Solutions are a big part of the political message, but they can’t be brought up at any time or in any way. There’s a sequence, an order that makes it easier for them to get into the brain. Why not following that natural order of the human mind?
  • How to include the candidate’s personality in the campaign. People vote for people, not for abstract ideas. And personality is everything. Many would like to know which aspects of personality are more attractive to the voters. The good thing is, we already know.
  • How to build the candidate as a brand. It’s the illusion-function mix. Logotype, isotype, jingle, colors and slogan. Because we live (the candidate, the voter, everyone) in a world of brands.
  • How to gain the voter’s trust. The candidate can shine in every aspect, but he will lose if the voter doesn’t trust him. And to gain that trust there’s a number of very precise procedures.
  • How to conquer a good position in the voter’s mind. The brain only has 4 possible positions for a candidate. Machiavelli&Freud teaches you how to achieve those positions and how to develop the 5 possible positioning strategies.
  • How to structure the communication of the election campaign. An election campaign is a communication campaign. To do it right you need to know what to communicate, when to do it and how to do it.

Machiavelli&Freud is a system designed to facilitate it’s assimilation and practical application.

This is possible because of the convergence of these factors:

  1. Structure and simplicity. The contents are structured following a logic sequence. Each chapter leans on the previous one and helps building the next. The explanations are clear and in a simple language, trying to reconcile scientific knowledge with simple literary style.
  2. Case studies. Many of the contents are illustrated by the study of real election campaigns that show hits and misses when using these concepts.
  3. Practical suggestions. Beyond descriptions and explanations, Machiavelli&Freud suggest some concrete ways of action to achieve specific results.
  4. Illustrations. Machiavelli&Freud includes drawings from Indonesian creative Afiat Sukmaraga. This way, art and image give the same message in different ways than the ones used by text.
  5. Didcatic. The presentation of the subjects is thought to constitute and facilitate a learning process. Daniel Eskibel applies here all his experience as a college professor and a teacher’s proffesor.
  6. Psychology. Of course! Machiavelli&Freud is designed to provoke a learning experience in the reader’s brain that allows him to make the knowledge his own, integrate this knowledge to his personality and previous information, and assimilate all this in a way that is later easy to apply and put into practice.

Why is Machiavelli&Freud different?      

  • Because it’s not an idea or a collection of articles or not even a simple book. It’s a system, a full structure.
  • Because it’s not more of the same old ideas about election campaigns and political marketing. It’s written from a radically different point of view: political psychology. And the author has the double condition of being a psychologist and a political consultant.
  • Because it’s not the respectable but only opinion of a consultant, because it supports the most current scientific investigation in the social sciences field.
  • Because it’s not just theory. It’s really a toolbox ready to be used in political practice.

Zero risk: the Psychoguarantee   

Buying Machiavelli&Freud has no risk. 0. Zero. Nothing.
Because it has a guarantee.
Yes. Guarantee. I call it Pshychoguarantee.
For how long? 60 days.
For how much? 100% of the price.

That’s how the psychoguarantee works. You buy Machiavelli&Freud. You take your time to assimilate the knowledge. And if then, within 60 day, you reach the conclusion that it wasn’t a convenient buy... you just send me an e-mail asking for your money. And I will give it back to you, without questions and with a smile. You don’t have to explain anyhing.

Why do I do this? Because I can guarantee, as a person and as a professional, the quality and the usufulness of this system that I have called Machiavelli&Freud. It just works.

Zero risk. You don’t lose anything. And you have a lot to win.

Details about Machiavelli&Freud

Format. It’s a PDF digital book. You download it in your computer and read it whenever you want, all the times you want. It works with any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac). And it has a professional design.

Payment. You pay it online right now with your credit card or with Paypal. Everything is fast and safe. And the payment is in US dollars.

Availability.  Machiavelli&Freud will be available to download to your computer within 24 hours after the payment.

Guarantee. The Psychoguarantee covers 100% of the price for the first 60 days from the moment you recieve Machiavelli&Freud.

What will you learn with Machiavelli&Freud?

  • Why political psychology is the key to develop effective election campaigns
  • How to apply psychology to political marketing and election campaigns
  • How the voter’s brain works and how it decides the vote
  • How can you influence that decision
  • How to section the electoral marketing to achieve a custom-made communication
  • Which are the 5 main lifestyles in a society and how are they politically different from each other
  • Why problems attract the human brain so much
  • How to set the campaign subjects (and how many they should be)
  • How to structure the solutions proposed by the candidate
  • Which are the 2 aspects of a politician’s personality that are more valued by the voter
  • How to balance the intangible and tangible benefits that the candidate offers
  • What makes one candidate different from the others
  • Why are the logotype, colors and jingle so important
  • How to work on the brain’s tendency to simplify reality
  • How to develop the 5 positioning strategies in the voter’s brain
  • Which are the non verbal signs of the candidate that makes people trust him
  • What is the role of testimonies about the candidate
  • How to show security and strengh
  • How to react to objections

And much more, of course. Everything structured in a very organized way, with a simple language and systematized in a way that makes it easy to be put into practice.

Extra benefits

There’s still something else. With Machiavelli&Freud you will recieve some valued extra benefits:

1. How to defend yourself from a political attack nd survive

A practical guide to come out with flying colors from the politicians worst nightmare: an aggressive and discrediting campaign against him.

With this book you will learn:
  • The art of defense in politics
  • The 5 indispensable defensive moves
  • The 5 plans for defensive action
  • 14 precise courses of action to follow after an attack
  • Examples of successful defensive actions
  • 25 tips for defense that combine art, science and experience

All this with a simple and clear style, without padding or decorations. One concept after the other. Thought for it’s immediate application in political action. A brief manual that has no precedent in political literature.

Format: PDF

The secrets of the political brain. Discovering the mental mechanisms of the vote

Here’s the real scientific and conceptual center of Machiavelli&Freud. It’s the heart, the brain, the spine of the method. How each person decides the vote? That’s the question that The secrets of the political brain answers with and operating and explanatory model.

With this book you will learn:

  • Why the messages from the political system don’t get to the brain intact
  • Which are the 3 filters that distort, regulate and modulate those messages
  • What’s the role of the media
  • What’s the influence of the voter’s direct experience
  • Why are social networks so important
  • How political information enters the brain
  • The brain and the 2 basic patterns for information search
  • The 37% rule when making electoral decisions
  • How the brain translates the messages according to it’s own codes
  • The 2 mechanisms to mentally processs political information
  • How political information is filed in our memory
  • The 7 standards of the brain to evaluate the candidates
  • What is the voting primary decision
  • How does the voter get to the final decision and the actual act of voting

A simple explanation with a complete and solid scientific basis about how we vote. A book that turns on every light in the labyrinth of the voter’s brain.

Format: PDF

Atention: click here to see some pages of Machiavelli&Freud

And with guarantee!
If you don’t like or you think it doesn’t work... it’ll just give you your money back. Without questions. I call it the Psychoguarantee. You have 60 days to use this guarantee. 60 days to read, study, try to apply it... and think if it was a good investment.  What else can you ask for?


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PS: You already know that this product has a guarantee valid for the first 60 days after you buy the book. If after reading it you think Machiavelli&Freud wasn’t what you expected, I will give you your money back, 100%.
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